Mavis Gallant’s “Irina” (1974)


We mean it kindly, when we say that a short story contains a novel. For many of us are novel-lovers, first or only, and, so, this seems a high compliment. What we are observing is how quickly an author can beckon us into the heart of a character, how

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Mavis Gallant’s “The Burgundy Weekend” (1970-1971)


Readers of Mavis Gallant’s early stories have endured a lot of unhappy spouses and unhappy children. In apartments and on beaches, in summer houses and on holiday, It’s hard enough; in confined quarters, it is stressful indeed. In “The Rejection” we have a divorced father and his daughter in

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Maybe and What’s Always Been Done: On Andrea MacPherson’s What We Once Believed (2017)


I’ve loved the idea of a character named Maybe since I read Katheen Martin’s novel, Penny Maybe, about a sixteen-year-old girl working out all the possibilities ahead of her. Isn’t it just perfect for a coming-of-age story? And, indeed, in Andrea MacPherson’s novel, Maybe Collins is eleven years old

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The Trickster Story Eden Robinson Had To Write


If you've glanced at the union regulations for Native writers, you'd have seen this one coming: Eden Robinson explains that it's a requirement. "It’s also a union regulation as a Native writer that you have to write a Trickster story at least once." (This is from an interview by

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Mavis Gallant’s “About Geneva”


Even the shortest story in The Other Paris provokes a strong sympathy on the part of readers. Bill Perlmutter: "Through A Soldier's Lens. Europe In The Fifties".Click for source details At the heart of the story are two young children, Ursula who is older than seven and Colin who

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