Louis Riel: On the Page, On the Stage


The Canadian Opera Company is now presenting a new 50th-anniversary production of "Louis Riel", originally written for the celebration of the Canadian centenary in 1967, with an attempt to shift that oh-so-colonial gaze, now including indigenous artists and languages with more nuanced representations of the historical figures. These are powerfully important

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The Creative Life on the Page (Five Books)


Because I forgot my key one day, I had to wait in the neighbourhood library for Mister BIP to finish work, before I could go home. I suppose I could have waited in the subway station. But it was only a 20-minute walk. Of course I walked: wouldn't you? One

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Winter 2017, In My Bookbag


My reading year began with Marina Endicott's New Year's Eve (2011), written with literacy front-of-mind; its vocabulary, structure and tone are meant to ease the passage for readers with varying degrees of ease reading in English. It begins simply: "The snow started before we left home." Despite its brevity ,

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R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril XI (RIPXI): Novels 2016


When I picked up Cherie Priest's I Am Princess X, it was on the advice of a trusted bookseller for a (then) thirteen-year-old friend of mine. Then an older reading friend raved about it too. At last, I picked it up, and was pleased to find it was my first

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MOONSHOT: The Indigenous Comics Collection (2016)


"There is no single homogenous native identity and MOONSHOT is an extensive exploration of the vast variety of indigenous storytelling in North America," explains Hope Nicholson. That's editor Hope Nicholson: she and Andy Stanleigh work hard at AH Comics (Alternative History Comics) to make room on the page for voices which

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