Participants’ Links for #MARM November 2018


Thanks to everyone who participated in Margaret Atwood Reading Month and contributed their enthusiasm, interest and experience to making the event a success. And to Naomi: a stellar co-host and co-reader and co-everythinger.  We’ve collaborated on this link collection, so we’re cross-posting. Please let us know if we’ve missed

Participants’ Links for #MARM November 20182018-11-30T19:54:53-05:00

Margery Sharp’s The Rescuers (1959; 1977)


When I was a girl, I was too afraid to watch the part of the Disney movie in which Penny is lowered into the darkness in a bucket. If I had actually read the stories on my bookshelf, I would have had great sympathy for the mice in the Prisoner's

Margery Sharp’s The Rescuers (1959; 1977)2017-01-25T12:30:24-05:00

Elizabeth Taylor’s A Game of Hide and Seek (1958)


This is how it begins. "Sometimes in the long summer's evenings, which are so marked a part of our youth, Harriet and Vesey played hide-and-seek with the younger children, running across the tufted meadows, their shoes yellow with the pollen of buttercups." Both the novel, and the story of Harriet's

Elizabeth Taylor’s A Game of Hide and Seek (1958)2014-03-17T13:44:04-05:00

A Game of Hide and Seek: Chatter, Week Four


It's our last week to discuss A Game of Hide and Seek, officially, but if you're late to the party, and are still reading -- even if quite some time has passed -- please, feel free to comment. But for those of us who have read the novel through already,

A Game of Hide and Seek: Chatter, Week Four2014-03-17T13:43:57-05:00