Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites (2013)


Who is Agnes? Little, Brown and Company, 2013 "Criminal. The word hangs in the air. Heavy, unmoved by the bluster of the wind. I want to shake my head. That word does not belong to me, I want to say. It doesn’t fit me or who I am.

Hannah Kent’s Burial Rites (2013)2014-06-26T14:34:44-05:00

Rehearsing for Life


Eleanor Catton's The Rehearsal (2008) McClelland & Stewart, 2010 I felt like a teenager when I started reading this novel. I'd switched purses seasonally and forgot to transfer my housekeys, so I ended up sitting on the front porch for a few hours waiting for Mr. BIP to come home.

Rehearsing for Life2014-03-20T19:49:54-05:00
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