Stephen King’s End of Watch (2016)


In the final volume of the Bill Hodges trilogy, the timeline briefly veers back to the opening scene of Mr. Mercedes. This time, a few minutes after the scene which opens the series. (Then it returns to a contemporary setting, a few years after Finders Keepers.) Scribner - S&S,

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Ted Naifeh’s Courtney Crumrin series


It begins with Butterworm "the neighborhood's oldest resident", the tale slipping between his bared teeth:  Courtney Crumrin: The Night Things, written and illustrated by Ted Naifeh (Oni Press 2012). He introduces readers to Courtney Crumrin, who is new in town. Her parents have run out of credit and have begged rooms with

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Emerging and Established: The Journey Prize Stories 26 and Margaret Atwood


Just as the jury enjoyed reading the stories submitted for tthe 2014 Journey Prize, other readers can also value the "exposure to a new generation of writers who are extending the tradition of Canadian short fiction well into the twenty-first century". McClelland & Stewart, 2014. Edited by Steven

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December 2014: In My Reading Log


Emily Carroll’s Through the Woods (2014) Comprised of five long and two short works, these tales are peopled with losses and lonelinesses. Hues of red, black and white dominate the volume, with other colours used sparingly for contrast. Panel use is unpredictable, with images sometimes boxed but often sprawling and

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Susie Moloney’s Things Withered (2013)


With book in hand, readers will know this is a collection of short fiction marketed as horror stories. But that's a broad stroke; Dracula and The Stand are both frightening tales. In the hands of Susie Moloney, a horror story sometimes means gruesome and moist: "Brains and cranial fluid seeped

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