Shadow Giller: Eric Dupont’s Songs for the Cold of Heart (2012; Trans. Peter McCambridge, 2018)


Shadow Giller review contents: In Short, a 300-word and spoiler-free summary, intended to have a broad appeal; In Detail, elaborating on one aspect of the book which I found remarkable (perhaps only interesting for others who have read the book or who have an interest more mechanical aspects of

Shadow Giller: Eric Dupont’s Songs for the Cold of Heart (2012; Trans. Peter McCambridge, 2018)2018-11-17T16:06:21-05:00

Mazo de la Roche’s Wakefield’s Course (1942)


Among my grandmother’s copies of the Jalna books, this is the only volume (so far, at least) which splits upon opening. Most of the bindings are well and evenly worn, so that the volumes fall open comfortably at almost any spot, whether closer to the front or to the

Mazo de la Roche’s Wakefield’s Course (1942)2018-08-09T10:42:12-05:00

David Huebert’s Peninsula Sinking (2017)


Although I am always interested in the short fiction which Biblioasis publishes (thanks to the likes of K.D. Miller and Kathy Page), it was Naomi’s review of this collection which urged me to fetch a copy of this from the Yorkville library downtown. This is not my usual branch,

David Huebert’s Peninsula Sinking (2017)2018-09-19T16:32:36-05:00

“Runaway” Alice Munro


I am fond of specific Alice Munro collections: A Friend of My Youth because it was my first, Open Secrets because it was the impetus for a particularly good book club discussion some years ago, and Runaway. McClelland & Stewart, 2004 Runaway because I have a memory of reading it

“Runaway” Alice Munro2014-05-23T16:04:53-05:00

Timothy Findley’s The Wars (1977)


"In the lane, I had already lost a boot and fallen on my knees so that now my trousers were soaked and one of my socks was sodden and the bottoms of both my sleeves were freezing against my wrists." Harper Collins, 1990 This is Timothy Findley, writing

Timothy Findley’s The Wars (1977)2014-03-20T19:58:47-05:00
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