David Bergen’s Here the Dark (2020)


My experience reading David Bergen runs the gamut. When I first read The Time in Between, I felt disengaged from the story. Years later, stuck in a waiting room with The Matter with Morris (2010), I recognized layers to his storytelling which I’d missed before. With The Age of

David Bergen’s Here the Dark (2020)2020-10-06T11:55:50-05:00

Mavis Gallant’s “An Emergency Case”


Some might be surprised that Mavis Gallant gets children, that she can as easily climb inside their view on the world as she does. I'm thinking about stories like About Geneva and The Rejection. But these children feel apart from the others around them, as though their relationships with

Mavis Gallant’s “An Emergency Case”2019-11-04T20:24:27-05:00

Margaret Millar’s An Air that Kills (1957; 2016)


Because so many of Margaret Millar's novels consider married couples - often at the point in which the relationship is strained, if not fractured - one wonders about her relationship with Ken Millar (better known as Ross MacDonald, who also wrote mysteries). Did they squabble like Esther and Ron do

Margaret Millar’s An Air that Kills (1957; 2016)2017-02-24T17:02:31-05:00

Tracy Barone’s Happy Family (2016)


As a screenwriter and a playwright, it's not surprising that Tracy Barone's debut novel, Happy Family, reads like a series of scenes. Little, Brown and Company, 2016 The first unfolds on August 5, 1962. "The pregnant girl enters the Trenton Family Clinic, looking like she parted the Red Sea to get

Tracy Barone’s Happy Family (2016)2016-06-28T15:49:20-05:00
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