Michael Redhill’s Bellevue Spiral (2017)


Whether or not it's 50%, there is a part of Michael Redhill who is Inger Ash Wolfe; he has published four mysteries using this pseudonym. And, so, there is certainly some Michael Redhill, in Hazel Micallef, too. Hazel being the heroine of that series. But she's a character, you

Michael Redhill’s Bellevue Spiral (2017)2017-11-09T08:13:20-05:00

Carrianne K.Y. Leung’s The Wondrous Woo (2013)


It's possible that the readers who will warm most fervently to The Wondrous Woo are those readers who feel a connection with a passage like this: Inanna Publications, 2013 "The first episode had come after an incident at the Woolco cafeteria when I was ten. It was $1.44

Carrianne K.Y. Leung’s The Wondrous Woo (2013)2017-07-24T14:38:24-05:00
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