Louise Erdrich’s Four Souls (2004)


As with Tracks, the primary voices in Four Souls are Fleur's and Nanapush's. So, although it was published more than ten years later, I opted to read Four Souls next, to keep these characters fresher in mind and heart, hoping for a deeper understanding. Two other women play significant roles

Louise Erdrich’s Four Souls (2004)2018-01-17T11:50:08-05:00

David Adams Richards’ Crimes against My Brother (2014)


David Adams Richards has set many works in the Miramichi, beginning with his classic trilogy (Nights Below Station Street, Evening Snow Will Bring Such Peace, and For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down), so that the landscape of New Brunswick has become a character in its own right in his

David Adams Richards’ Crimes against My Brother (2014)2014-10-07T13:49:14-05:00

Richard Wagamese’s Medicine Walk (2014)


One might say that Medicine Walk is a novel about the disconnect between a father and a son. McClelland & Stewart, 2014 “Eldon Starlight. Franklin Starlight. Four blunt syllables conjuring nothing. When he appeared the kid would watch him and whisper his name under his breath, waiting for

Richard Wagamese’s Medicine Walk (2014)2019-05-11T19:56:20-05:00
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