Re-reading Anne (with the #GreenGablesReadALong in mind)


Maybe if I had heard of Reeder Reads' Green Gables Read-a-long straight off, I'd've reread more diligently but, as it was, I learned of it at the end of February; at first I just dabbled in the rereading and I only got serious about proper cover-to-cover reading at the end of

Re-reading Anne (with the #GreenGablesReadALong in mind)2015-08-04T18:07:42-05:00

June 2015, In My Stacks


My progress through Gabrielle Roy's works has been slow but steady, and this month I requested one of the children's books, which I held out for myself as a reward for finishing six of her novels. My treat was to be Cliptail, but the only copy available in the public

June 2015, In My Stacks2017-07-24T15:25:24-05:00
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