Margaret Millar’s Beyond This Point Are Monsters (1970; 2016)


Many of Margaret Millar's characters have had an escape, often in the face of difficulty. Robert has achieved the ultimate escape - he has disappeared - and readers wonder whether that was deliberate or accidental, malicious or ambitious. "The world of Robert’s maps was nice and flat and simple. It

Margaret Millar’s Beyond This Point Are Monsters (1970; 2016)2017-07-26T13:48:07-05:00

Tahir Shah’s Timbuctoo (2012)


Secret codes, ancient mysteries, adventure stories, treasures, oversized fold-out maps, a hidden pocket in the back binding, and a satin ribbon for a marker. (I know, it sounds too good to be true, but read on: it's really quite marvellous.) Put that together with a passion for history and storytelling

Tahir Shah’s Timbuctoo (2012)2014-03-18T11:28:40-05:00

The Atlas of Literature: Bookish, of course


As you might guess, from the English editor and English press, The Atlas of Literature concentrates on the English tradition of letters. Stratford and London are undeniably important: readers would be disappointed not to find them here (and the Lake District with its poets, Yorkshire with the Brontës, Wessex with

The Atlas of Literature: Bookish, of course2014-03-17T16:10:51-05:00
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