Margot Lee Shetterly’s Hidden Figures (2016)


“There was virtually no aspect of twentieth-century defense technology that had not been touched by the hands and minds of female mathematicians.” HarperCollins, 2016 That might not come up in math class at school, but it's evident on every page of Hidden Figures. "What I wanted was for

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Nathalia Holt’s Rise of the Rocket Girls (2016)


"It's about being an explorer, a treasure-hunter." Sue Finlay is still passionate about her work for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, just as she was in 1957, when she put her love of numbers to work. (See video here.) She speaks about the early days spent with a Friedan calculator and a

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How Much Happiness, Really


Is it too much? Or, just enough. What am I to make of this final story in my Alice Munro reading project. (I read her last collection, Dear Life, in 2012.) While rereading Too Much Happiness, I was constantly aware of the references to being happy, to happiness, in the

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“Post and Beam” Alice Munro


The details in "Post and Bean" matter. The specific itty-bitty matters of surprising consequence. Not necessarily what one sees at first glance, but what one uncovers, what the broader whole can be understood to mean. Take the group of people in the church office. At first, a stranger to the

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