BHM: The Warmth of Other Suns


Random House, 2010 Gripping. Engaging. Rich characterization. Sensory detail. These aren't words commonly associated with reading non-fiction. Every one of them is an accurate description of Isabel Wilkerson's chronicle of "the biggest underreported story of the twentieth century". It's "The Epic Story of America's Great Migration", as the

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BHM: Kadir Nelson


Balzer & Bray Imprint - HarperCollins, 2011 Heart and Soul is an absolutely gorgeous book. Kadir Nelson's artwork is riveting. And don't ask me where I've been while he was winning Caldecott Honors, or an NAACP Image Award. Or while he received a Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award, a

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2012’s First Amazing Read: Edem Awumey’s Dirty Feet


House of Anansi, 2011 Edem Awumey’s Dirty Feet is a slim volume, but its contents are hefty indeed. Askia’s story reminds the reader that one is wise not to judge insides by outsides, that the dimensions of an individual’s inner life expand even beyond personal experiences, that one

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Jane Urquhart’s Sanctuary Line (2010)


Jane Urquhart's Sanctuary Line McClelland & Stewart, 2010 Liz Crane is an entomologist; she studies insects. Specifically butterflies – monarchs. But, more generally, she takes time to examine what others frequently overlook. As a narrator, therefore, her perspective will not be to every reader’s taste. She has also suffered a

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