February 2016, In My Bookbag


My reading resolutions for this year revolve around a set of too-long-unread books. Many of which were too-long-unread because they are long and complicated. Like Marge Piercy's Gone to Soldiers and Leslie Marmon Silko's Gardens in the Dunes, which I have been leaving at home, while these slimmer volumes have been

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Jonathan Bennett’s The Colonial Hotel (2014)


Readers might expect a retelling of the ancient Greek tale of Paris and Helen to be a bulky, wordy novel as useful for propping up a window on a hot summer day as for entertainment; but Jonatham Bennett's contemporary version of the story is a slim, polished novel that one would need to

Jonathan Bennett’s The Colonial Hotel (2014)2014-08-15T14:25:04-05:00

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer’s All the Broken Things (2014)


If she were to tell the story again, it would be a little different. You might wonder how, because Bo's story seems all-of-a-piece, powerful just as it is, at once archetypal and unique. Random House Canada, 2014 "No one knows. But one thing is true. Whenever someone retells

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer’s All the Broken Things (2014)2014-06-26T14:37:01-05:00

Amanda Leduc’s The Miracles of Ordinary Men (2013)


When the angels invaded the plotline of "Supernatural", I stopped watching weekly. I prefer stone rabbits and hedgehogs in my flowerbeds, over white winged statues. And when a girlfriend told me that the child she lost at full-term is an angel now, I struggled to keep my face expressionless, silently repeating

Amanda Leduc’s The Miracles of Ordinary Men (2013)2014-07-11T16:38:15-05:00

Kim Echlin’s Inanna (2003)


"I like telling stories of women who act on their passions." "I like these strong female characters." "When I talk with readers I feel an enormous appetite in women to explore both their strength and their emotional connectedness, which still tend not to be honoured in the dominant culture."* Any

Kim Echlin’s Inanna (2003)2014-03-20T15:24:28-05:00
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