The Promise Falls Trilogy


Promise Falls has a history. You might not think so, but it matters. “Are we too insignificant up here: A couple of hours away from New York? Is that what we’re foolish enough to think? Let me tell you something, my friend. You want to strike fear into the hearts

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Susan Philpott’s Dark Territory (2016)


Henriette has just met her, but Dark Territory is actually the second Signy Shepherd novel. Simon & Schuster, 2016 “So wonderful to finally meet you, honey. We’ve all heard so much about you. [...] Look at you, such a skinny little thing. From what Maitland said, I expected a giant killer, fourteen

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Two Chilling Reads: The Dark and Secrecy


Rupert Thomson's Secrecy is suffused with deliciously disturbing images and scenes. A thin, dark ribbon of sky. Bared teeth with clumps of hair. A dead bird that dangles from a girl’s first like a flower needing water. A snake skin shed in a doorway. A secret passage. A stabbed countess. A

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Linwood Barclay’s A Tap on the Window (2013)


A Tap on the Window feels like the quintessential late-summer read. I have to move indoors with my book sooner on August evenings, because the light doesn't last as long, but the neighbourhood still moves to other summer rhythms. And, so, that old yearning for a page-turner. Doubleday -

Linwood Barclay’s A Tap on the Window (2013)2014-05-13T15:49:27-05:00
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