Kate Taylor’s Serial Monogamy (2016)


"My books aren’t romances per se; they don’t even necessarily feature happy endings any more, they just conclude with hopeful moments that allow the reader to decide whether widows have the strength to go on or divorced dads find love for a second time." And there is nothing romantic about the

Kate Taylor’s Serial Monogamy (2016)2017-07-24T15:22:51-05:00

Maisie Hurley and “The Native Voice”


One woman, one newspaper: The Native Voice is a story with relevance far beyond any existing borders, as well as a work of importance for local historians in what is now called British Columbia, Canada. Caitlin Press, 2016 Eric Jamieson's book is of fundamental interest to any reader

Maisie Hurley and “The Native Voice”2016-07-31T12:30:26-05:00

“Trespasses” Alice Munro


McClelland & Stewart, 2004 ‘Trespass’ is a word that I associate with childhood more than most. It slipped off my tongue every morning in school, after we sang “O Canada”, in a dutiful recitation of “The Lord’s Prayer”. And there was always a sign warning against it when

“Trespasses” Alice Munro2014-07-11T16:56:33-05:00

Michael Hingston’s The Dilettantes (2013)


Perhaps Michael Hingston, like Alex, "wanted to find a way to make the culture sit still, even for a minute, so he could find a way to enjoy it for a little while longer". Freehand Books, 2013 The Dilettantes presses campus life between its pages. It makes it

Michael Hingston’s The Dilettantes (2013)2014-07-11T16:41:05-05:00
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