“What Is Remembered” Alice Munro


It's inescapable, this sense of "What Is Remembered" being an alternate version of "Tricks". (If you want to avoid general spoilers, best not to click on that link, for you will intuit the sort of ending which that story has and thus the contrasting tone herein.) Once again, our narrator is reflecting upon

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Carrie Snyder’s Girl Runner (2014)


As a fan of Carrie Snyder's The Juliet Stories, I was wriggling in my seat over the mere idea of Girl Runner. But then the anxiety crept in: there would be no Juliet, and perhaps much of the magic was hers. Just as the same river can't be stepped in twice, an

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Janet Hepburn’s Flee, Fly, Flown (2013)


An old woman for a travelling companion? You might expect what Iain Reid expected in The Truth about Luck. Second Story Press, 2013 "Lots of strolls, time for reading, cups of tea, ten hours of sleep per night, not too much direct sunlight, three square meals a day."

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“In Sight of the Lake” Alice Munro


For all that the rest of the stories in this collection have unpredictable endings, "In the Sight of the Lake" leads readers to a recognizable, even expected, conclusion. Random House, 2012 "A woman goes to her doctor to have a prescription renewed. But the doctor is not there.

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Corey Redekop’s Husk (2012)


Sheldon Funk is having a rough go of things. ECW Press, 2012 His most meaningful relationship right now is with his cat, and he is under no illusions about its sustainability. "I don't think cats like anyone. They're only biding time until they evolve thumbs. Then we're probably

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