David Denchuk’s The Bone Mother (2017)


Like David Chariandry's Brother, The Bone Mother is preoccupied with the power of storytelling, with the particular significance of telling one's own story. The stories in David Demchuk's book are told simply, in a fable-like tone, with clarity and attention to detail. They are linked, but not in a

David Denchuk’s The Bone Mother (2017)2017-11-17T17:22:14-05:00

IFMK: Teju Cole and Michael Ondaatje


It occurs to me that I should have a series of posts titled "I Forgot My Key". Because what that inevitably means is that I must find a warm or cool place to wait until Mister BIP is due home. Which translates into an impromptu library visit. For the past

IFMK: Teju Cole and Michael Ondaatje2017-08-11T13:51:53-05:00

Sally Mann’s Hold Still (2015)


Sally Mann's Hold Still is a photographer's memoir; although she has kept a journal since she was a girl, her love of imagery is deeply rooted, and it's hard to imagine her memoir taking any other form. Currently represented by the Gagosian Gallery, her CV is impressive and extensive, but

Sally Mann’s Hold Still (2015)2015-06-17T14:27:46-05:00
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