January 2021, In My Bookbag (What bookbag?)


Here's a glimpse of some current reads which lend themselves more to sampling, in a handful of reading sessions, than gobbling in longer periods of time. Although I no longer need to ponder the ratio of heavy to light volumes in my stack of current reads (because the COVID

January 2021, In My Bookbag (What bookbag?)2021-01-21T12:29:01-05:00

Whitney Scharer’s The Age of Light (2019)


When Whitney Scharer describes her goal in writing The Age of Light, I’m all in. She wants “to present Lee as the complicated woman she was: beautiful and talented, of course, but also flawed and fragile, and it was more important to me to get this right than to

Whitney Scharer’s The Age of Light (2019)2019-03-29T12:44:42-05:00

Difficult Stories, Difficult Narrators: Five Novels


Conflicted: that describes my first impressions after meeting Pillow in Andrew Battershill's Giller-nominated novel of the same name,and it also describes his perspective on the world. It's hard to be Pillow, to see all the angles which converge and diverge simultaneously on any single thought he has. For instance: "Pillow

Difficult Stories, Difficult Narrators: Five Novels2020-10-22T12:25:41-05:00

Mark Lavorato’s Serafim and Claire (2014)      


Mark Lavorato’s debut novel is aptly titled as the novel is equally divided between these two characters, a young woman who dances on stage and a young man who takes photographs on the streets. Through them, readers experience Montreal of the 1920s, from vaudeville to fascism, and women’s rights to

Mark Lavorato’s Serafim and Claire (2014)      2014-12-08T08:25:58-05:00

Elise Juska’s The Blessings (2014)


As an only child, my fascination with large families in fiction stretches back to the Marches, the Moffats and the All-of-a-Kinds. More recently, Jennifer Close's The Smart One and Jami Attenberg's The Middlesteins catapulted me into chaotic family-soaked gatherings (the latter was one of my favourite reads in 2013). Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group,

Elise Juska’s The Blessings (2014)2014-05-28T09:44:33-05:00
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