Ed O’Loughlin’s Minds of Winter


The novel begins with a news article, about a chronograph believed to have been lost with the Franklin expedition but discovered many years later, disguised as a Victorian carriage clock. Minds of Winter offers readers a glimpse into then and now and times in-between. There are no overarching commentaries

Ed O’Loughlin’s Minds of Winter2017-11-22T12:10:38-05:00

Second Window on Winter: Radical


Adam Gopnik begins his second lecture on winter (first, here) by asking whether we remember that Mary Shelley's Frankenstein plays out in the northern, Arctic reaches. I didn't remember that: did you? Nonetheless, I don't have any trouble conjuring up the images that he describes in opening his

Second Window on Winter: Radical2014-03-15T16:50:14-05:00
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