Eva Crocker’s All I Ask (2020)


In anticipation of the publication of her debut novel, “Eva Crocker shares a story about her mother, Lisa Moore”. In the broadest sense, her piece reveals the importance of childhood memories and how, even years later, events that occured when we are young, fundamentally influence our responses to events

Eva Crocker’s All I Ask (2020)2020-11-03T17:16:09-05:00

Katherena Vermette’s The Break (2016)


"My Stella, girls get attacked everywhere." Stella's Kookom -- her grandmother -- states her truth blnntly. She has lived it, is living it, has survived it and is surviving it. Although, as Lou says: "We have all been broken in one way or another." House of Anansi, 2016 The Break is

Katherena Vermette’s The Break (2016)2019-05-11T19:57:55-05:00
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