Letters Between Canadian Writers


This from Hugh MacLennan to young Marian Engel in 1956: "If I can be of any help to you, don't hesitate to write and tell me so. I'm cynical about theses, having done one myself, but I suppose they are necessary if you can avoid taking them too seriously." University

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Tamara Levine’s But Hope is Longer (2012)


When Tamara Levine was diagnosed with breast cancer, she began sending e-mail letters to about fifty family members, friends and colleagues, to keep everybody in the loop. Second Story Press, 2012 Almost immediately, these letters took on a great significance in her Healing Journey, offering a kind of

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Daniel Glattauer’s Love Virtually (2006; 2011)


It began when I was a girl, with books like Jean Webster's Daddy Long Legs and Norma Fox Mazer's I, Trissy. These stories invited me directly into characters' private thoughts, via letters written to a trusted recipient and journal entries written for the writer's own eyes. Trans. Katharina Bielenberg

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