Talking Time: Life after Life, The Luminaries


Random House, 2013 The slippery question of time is often posed on the page. And with books, it’s different. In music, listeners are engaged at a pace dictated by the composer’s notation, beats counted as the bars pass, the audience arriving synchronously at the end of the piece.

Talking Time: Life after Life, The Luminaries2015-10-20T07:58:55-05:00

“An Ex-Mas Feast”


So, usually when there is a giveaway for an event or a challenge I opt out, but I didn't notice that there were prizes for Amy's Nigerian Independence Day reading event. Not until I noticed that I'd been lucky enough to win a copy of The Granta Book of the

“An Ex-Mas Feast”2014-03-15T18:26:49-05:00
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