Rereading Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye (1988)


Rereading Cat’s Eye while rereading Rosemary Sullivan’s biography of Margaret Atwood emphasized the parallels between the narrator’s and author’s childhoods. I was a teenager when I read Cat’s Eye for the first time; I would have had no idea that Elaine’s childhood of lakes and insects was Peggy’s childhood

Rereading Margaret Atwood’s Cat’s Eye (1988)2020-12-27T14:27:22-05:00

Alissa York’s Fauna (2010)


Alissa York's Fauna Random House, 2010 What is so remarkable about Fauna is that it is all-of-a-piece. (It's exactly the kind of book that makes me proud to be a reader.) From its beautifully crafted outer covers: a soft, earthy brown -- imprinted with a turtle. Underneath its rich burgundy

Alissa York’s Fauna (2010)2014-03-15T16:00:31-05:00
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