The Final Chapter of My Mavis Gallant Reading Project


In his introduction to Mavis Gallant’s Paris Stories (2002), Michael Ondaatje describes her Europe as a place of “shipwrecks” (a recurring word in this collection, he notes). Her characters are “permanent wanderers”, often from Canada and Eastern Europe, and not always from or in Paris, but Mavis Gallant

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Here and Elsewhere: Kyoto #HereandElsewhere


Welcome to the fourth journey inspired by my desk calendar—first described en route to Copenhagen, then London and Havana. Just this random spark, my curiosity, and my library card: everything I needed to expand my horizons, to counter the inclination to withdraw when the news seemed menacing. But

Here and Elsewhere: Kyoto #HereandElsewhere2020-06-02T07:36:15-05:00

Here and Elsewhere: Havana


How pleased was I, to flip the calendar to March and see Havana. Later last year, writing a review of Teresa Dovalpage’s new mystery novel for The Chicago Review of Books, I realized just how little I knew about Cuba. And #HereandElsewhere started with my wanting to look for

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Here and Elsewhere: London


When I flipped the calendar page to February and saw London, I immediately thought of reading a Margaret Drabble novel, or something by Penelope Lively – two of my MRE authors (MustReadEverything) because I didn’t get to reading from their backlists last year. But #HereandElsewhere started with my

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Here and Elsewhere: Copenhagen


It’s easy to allow one’s world to get smaller, when one is overwhelmed by some of the sadness and struggle in this world; the opposite is also true, that it’s easy to expand your world under the same set of circumstances. A random spark, like this desk calendar by

Here and Elsewhere: Copenhagen2020-06-02T07:36:48-05:00
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