Carrie Snyder’s Girl Runner (2014)


As a fan of Carrie Snyder's The Juliet Stories, I was wriggling in my seat over the mere idea of Girl Runner. But then the anxiety crept in: there would be no Juliet, and perhaps much of the magic was hers. Just as the same river can't be stepped in twice, an

Carrie Snyder’s Girl Runner (2014)2017-07-24T15:03:20-05:00

Tamai Kobayashi’s Prairie Ostrich (2014)


You might be tempted to call eight-year-old Egg Murakami enchanting or winsome. Even plucky or spirited. Goose Lane Editions, 2014 Each of these terms does reflect Egg in some sense. But such descriptions suggest something young-Oprah-heroine-esque about her. Egg’s character is too fully rounded to simply select the

Tamai Kobayashi’s Prairie Ostrich (2014)2014-09-02T16:49:08-05:00

Shani Mootoo’s Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab (2014)


Shani Mootoo sidles up to her story. Random House Canada, 2014 A novel like Padma Viswanathan’s The Ever After of Ashwin Rao is more openly preoccupied with questions of grief and loss. One like Shyam Selvadurai’s The Hungry Ghosts explores family relationships and the passage of time in

Shani Mootoo’s Moving Forward Sideways Like a Crab (2014)2014-10-07T15:08:06-05:00

Joshua Ferris’ To Rise Again at a Decent Hour (2014)


Inherently uncomfortable. Essentially intimate. The relationship between dentist and patient is complex, contradictory. Little Brown & Company, 2014 Most of us view that relationship from the perspective of patient, so Paul O'Rourke's voice has the potential to be illuminating, unique, fresh. In earlier works, Joshua Ferris has vividly inhabited

Joshua Ferris’ To Rise Again at a Decent Hour (2014)2014-07-11T16:06:01-05:00
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