Telling Stories: Five 2016 Novels


It's not all "Reader, I married him" but plenty of contemporary novels are preoccupied by the idea of storytelling, and often one voice does speak to us directly even now. Periscope Books, 2016 In Tabish Khair's Just Another Jihadi Jane, the storyteller's direct address appears regularly and spiritedly.

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Between Generations: Two Novels and a Memoir


Cristina Henriquez’s The Book of Unknown Americans (2014) Bond Street Books - Random House, 2014 It’s risky, fragmenting narration into a large number of voices, but it’s the perfect format for a novel about the experiences of newcomers to the United States, who can have an astonishing variety

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June/July 2014, In My Reading Log


Days and days throughout this July have contained book after book after book: a swell of print. From graphic novels (revisiting the Game of Thrones saga in this medium) to short stories (lots of those!), from memoirs (I’ve just finished Zarqa Nawaz’s Laughing All the Way to the Mosque) to

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Christene A. Browne’s Two Women (2013)


The cover of Christene A. Browne's Two Women pulled me back to a literary pilgrimage I made to Regent Park, in Toronto, after I read Rabindranath Maharaj's The Amazing Absorbing Boy. But Regent Park is not so much a character in this novel as the women themselves. Though, which two

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Notes on Reading Julie Macfie Sobol & Ken Sobol’s Love and Forgetting


While Love and Forgetting was in my stack of current reads, I listened to the World Book Club's podcast edition of a discussion of Albert Camus' The Outsider. Camus is someone whose work I associate with formal study, not pleasure, but Harriet Gilbert's interviews draw me into subjects I don't

Notes on Reading Julie Macfie Sobol & Ken Sobol’s Love and Forgetting2014-06-26T14:47:23-05:00
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