Shifting Powers: Three Novels


Gordon Henderson’s Man in the Shadows (2014) HarperCollins, 2014 “As he helped her into the carriage, Agnes Macdonald whispered demurely, “I can lean on no other arm like yours.” Macdonald sat back contentedly and called out to the driver, “Buckley, take us to the office.” It would have

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Ania Szado’s Studio Saint-Ex (2013)


"There’s no backstitching in stories. Nothing can be locked in place." So says a character in Studio Saint-Ex, but readers of Ania Szado's second novel might disagree; she seems to have no trouble locking a good story in place. She began where all good stories begin, with a fascination. In

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Dan Vyleta’s The Crooked Maid (2013)


Dan Vyleta's The Crooked Maid pulls readers into a suspenseful, dark tale as swiftly as the train carrying Anna Beer and Robert Siedal pulls into the Vienna station. Although it does share some characters with the author's previous novel, The Quiet Twin, it can be read as a standalone novel. Both

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That Tune Clutches My Heart


Gaspereau Press, 2008 When I was in high school, it mattered a great deal : what radio station you listened to. There were more than two, but there only two that mattered: CJBK or CKSL. Knowing which station someone’s radio was tuned to revealed a cornerstone to their

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María Dueñas’ The Time In Between (2011)


The Time In Between is essential reading for those who thought that reading about the Spanish Civil War meant Hemingway and Orwell. In her lush and sprawling novel, María Dueñas presents the era via the perspective of  "an independent woman in difficult times". There was no room for a seamstress like

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