Leona Theis’ If Sylvie Had Nine Lives (2020)


If you’re the kind of reader who particularly enjoys the idea of stories intersecting and connecting, this one’s for you. If you would have enjoyed Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge just as much if the stories had appeared all jumbled. And, if you loved the film Sliding Doors and the

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November 2016, In My Reading Log


In the wake of my IFOA reading list and the literary prizelists of the season, my November reading felt relatively whimsical. Without duedates attached to the majority of my reading, it was a pleasure to slip into volumes which had sat untouched in recent weeks. Each of these three volumes covers,

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John Bart’s Middenrammers (2016)


Although Middenrammers is set in 1970s England, it is not the England of English literature which Helene Hanff discovered in 84 Charing Cross Road. Freehand Books, 2016 Nonetheless, the hospital which lies at the heart of the story does have a familiar air to it, for narrator and reader

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Summer Reading To-Do List for Stormy Days (4 of 4)


Such good reading this summer, so far. In other respects, perhaps mine has not been the most productive summer. But it all depends what one puts on a to-do list, doesn't it! What if your to-do list was all about the books in your stacks? House of Anansi, 2015

Summer Reading To-Do List for Stormy Days (4 of 4)2020-10-20T09:24:17-05:00

Anthony De Sa’s Kicking the Sky (2013)


The cover image for Anthony De Sa's Kicking the Sky perfectly encapsulates the novel's themes, structure, setting and tone.* A child's bicycle leans against a garage door, the only sign of habitation. The view of the alleyway leaves the safety of home beyond the edges of the scene. The shadows are

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