James Maskalyk’s Life on the Ground Floor (2017)


Your airway is the width of your smallest finger: you can see how things can go wrong. "Airway first. Breathing next. Medicine is life caring for itself. To me, it's the greatest story." James Maskalyk's story is structured from "A is for Airway" through "XY is for a man"

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Reading South Sudan: Witnessing


First, the matter of getting situated. In this, the largest country in Africa, geographically, nearly twice the size of Alaska: Sudan. Its peoples speak 134 different languages, more than 400 if one counts distinct dialects. It officially declared independence on January 1, 1956. North of Sudan is the Sahara

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Leila Aboulela’s Lyrics Alley (2010)


Leila Aboulela’s Lyrics Alley Harper Collins, 2010 (Looking for a swallow rather than a full glass? ORANGE Squirt below.) Lyrics Alley is set in 1950s Sudan, a few years before it gains independence. It’s a time of intense upheaval politically, but the focus of Leila Aboulela's third novel is personal

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