How Much Happiness, Really


Is it too much? Or, just enough. What am I to make of this final story in my Alice Munro reading project. (I read her last collection, Dear Life, in 2012.) While rereading Too Much Happiness, I was constantly aware of the references to being happy, to happiness, in the

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Did Read/Will Read: January/February 2012


Some reading months are just really exciting, right? That's my January 2012. Some of the thrills are pretty specific. For instance, my First Amazing Read of 2012, Edem Awumey's Dirty Feet (House of Anansi, 2011); I actually read it twice in January. Whenever I finish a book with that "Must

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Margaret Atwood Recommends: Doctor Glas


Random House, 1991 Hjalmar Söderberg's Doctor Glas (1905) Trans. Paul Britten Austin Intro. Margaret Atwood  Readers are introduced to Doctor Glas via his diary, with his chatter about the weather. From its opening sentences, you'd never guess at the controversy incited by this novel. It's June 12th. There's

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Not-So-Sweet and Swedish: Mankell


The Kurt Wallander series was one of the first of the Scandinavian mystery series to cause a buzz in North America, but I was frustrated by the fact that the earliest volumes weren't translated into English as quickly as I wanted them. You see, I'm obsessive about reading mystery series

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Sweet and Swedish


1961; Dell Publishing, 1975 Maria Gripe's trilogy is just charming. Josephine chooses her own name because the name Anna Grå is too big for her, like a pair of shoes that she needs to grow into. She is six years old. Her blue sweater is getting too small but

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