Under-represented at the table, holding their own on the page


Neither small-scale farmers nor low-income communities have been invited to the table to make food policy on a global scale. The Stop illuminates this reality in matter-of-fact and unsentimental language, presenting facts both from a bird’s-eye-view and a grassroots perspective. Readers are acquainted with some alarming information on an international

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June/July 2014, In My Reading Log


Days and days throughout this July have contained book after book after book: a swell of print. From graphic novels (revisiting the Game of Thrones saga in this medium) to short stories (lots of those!), from memoirs (I’ve just finished Zarqa Nawaz’s Laughing All the Way to the Mosque) to

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Being a Good Girl


The word 'goodish' entered my vocabulary thanks to an observation that Carol Shields makes of two female friends in The Republic of Love. (General increased usage of -ish also ensued.) "They love the word ‘goodish,’ as in goodish sunsets, goodish travel bargains, goodish men." The title and cover of Suzanne Sutherland's When

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