Alison Pick’s Between Gods (2014; 2015)


She tells you straight-up: "The decision when to begin a family story is arbitrary." HarperPerennial, 2015 (US edition) And she lays out the doubts and uncertainties: "Who am I to claim the official version?" And, so, Alison Pick is our seemingly uncertain and unsanctioned guide. But, she also

Alison Pick’s Between Gods (2014; 2015)2017-07-24T15:06:25-05:00

Sarah Hall’s The Wolf Border (2015)


It's an old term, 'wolf border', from the Finnish language: susiraja. The boundary betweent the capital region and the rest of the country: everything which lies beyond the border is wilderness. HarperCollins, 2015 Certainly Rachel does have to explain a lot about her scientific work with wolves beyond the

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Joseph Luzzi’s In a Dark Wood (2015)


Phyllis Rose took a year to read Proust and wrote her "memoir in real time". More recently, Rebecca Mead revisited Middlemarch and she, too, wrote a memoir which examined her own life in that context. In Tolstoy and the Purple Chair, Nina Sankovitch plunged into the classic Russian's work as part

Joseph Luzzi’s In a Dark Wood (2015)2015-06-16T15:56:14-05:00

Alice Simpson’s Ballroom (2014)


The reader moves onto the floor with great excitement, turning the initial pages of a debut novel, heartbeat slightly accelerated, hopes and expectations heightened. It is a dance: this movement between reader and story. Alice Simpson's Ballroom takes that connection seriously. HarperCollins, 2014 The very structure of the

Alice Simpson’s Ballroom (2014)2014-10-27T16:51:21-05:00

Suzan Still’s Fiesta of Smoke (2013)


"Let me say, with the risk of appearing ridiculous that the true revolutionary is guided by strong feelings of love. It is impossible to think of an authentic revolutionary without this quality." Love is the primary force, not only in the events of Fiesta of Love, but in Suzan Hill's

Suzan Still’s Fiesta of Smoke (2013)2014-05-13T14:22:46-05:00
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