Steffie, Angel, Baby and More


When I was in high school, I read Fran Arrick's Steffie Can't Come Out to Play (1978) more than once. I even wrote a book report on it in the ninth grade, when the assigned reading included J. Meade Falkner's Moonfleet and Robert Westall's The Machine Gunners. (Wanted: female characters.)

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Amanda Leduc’s The Miracles of Ordinary Men (2013)


When the angels invaded the plotline of "Supernatural", I stopped watching weekly. I prefer stone rabbits and hedgehogs in my flowerbeds, over white winged statues. And when a girlfriend told me that the child she lost at full-term is an angel now, I struggled to keep my face expressionless, silently repeating

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That Tune Clutches My Heart


Gaspereau Press, 2008 When I was in high school, it mattered a great deal : what radio station you listened to. There were more than two, but there only two that mattered: CJBK or CKSL. Knowing which station someone’s radio was tuned to revealed a cornerstone to their

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“To Reach Japan” Alice Munro


"To Reach Japan" begins with a departure and ends with an arrival. McClelland & Stewart - Random House, 2012 That is not commonly how it goes, but it's not unusual in the territory of Alice Munro's stories, which often begin in the present and work backwards to the

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When a Book Just Keeps Getting Better


Wayson Choy’s The Jade Peony (1995) Click the image to read a neat story about how Jessica Sullivan designed the cover   I first heard Wayson Choy read from his work about ten years ago, and he told a story about beginning to write, about a class he

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