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New Canadian Library Classics

So this is a relatively new obsession for me. Actually, I think it’s the latest. As if I needed another.

It erupted last year when I read Phyllis Brett Young’s The Torontonians, which I read in a pretty reissue from McGill-Queen’s University Press. I was suddenly struck by the fact that I just haven’t been aware of so many classic Canadian works (beyond the canon, which one might say is represented in a list like this one).

I pulled an old copy of Roger Lemelin’s The Town Below off my shelf (it’s No. 26 in the NCL) and I made — you probably know what I’m going to say — a spreadsheet. Of course I did.

Grove, Philip Frederick Over Prairie Trails
Callaghan, Morley ✔Such Is My Beloved
Leacock, Stephen Literary Lapses
Ross, Sinclair ✔As For Me and My House
Roy, Gabrielle The Tin Flute
Haliburton, Thomas Chandler The Clockmaker
Roberts, Charles G.D. The Last Barrier and Other Stories
MacLennan, Hugh Barometer Rising
Raddall, Thomas H. At the Tide’s Turn and Other Stories
Leacock, Stephen Arcadian Adventures with the Idle Rich
Drummond, William Henry Habitant Poems
Ringuet Thirty Acres
Graham, Gwethalyn Earth and High Heaven
Connor, Ralph The Man from Glengarry
Leacock, Stephen ✔Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town
McCulloch, Thomas The Stepsure Letters
Callaghan, Morley More Joy in Heaven
Ostenso, Martha Wild Geese
Grove, Philip Frederick The Master of the Mill
Duncan, Sara Jeannette The Imperialist
de la Roche, Mazo Delight
Klein, A.M. The Second Scroll
Buckler, Ernest ✔The Mountain and the Valley
Kreisel, Henry The Rich Man
Roy, Gabrielle Where Nests the Water Hen
Lemelin, Roger The Town Below
Brooke, Frances ✔The History of Emily Montague
Leacock, Stephen My Discovery of England
Wilson, Ethel Swamp Angel
MacLennan, Hugh Each Man’s Son
Moodie, Susanna Roughing It In the Bush
Knister, Raymond White Narcissus
Callaghan, Morley They Shall Inherit the Earth
Birney, Earle Turvey
Leacock, Stephen Nonsense Novels
Stead, R.J.C. Grain
Bodsworth, Fred Last of the Curlews
Raddall, Thomas H. The Nymph and the Lamp
Moore, Brian Judith Hearne
Roy, Gabrielle The Cashier
Marlyn, John Under the Ribs of Death
Grainger, M. Allerdale Woodsmen of the West
Leacock, Stephen Moonbeams from the Larger Lunacy
Hiebert, Paul Sarah Binks
Richler, Mordecai Son of a Smaller Hero
Jameson, Anna Brownell Winter Studies and Summer Rambles in Canada
Meade, Eward Remember Me
Leacock, Stephen Frenzied Fiction
Grove, Philip Frederick Fruits of the Earth
Grove, Philip Frederick Settlers of the Marsh
Traill, Catharine Parr The Backwoods of Canada
McCourt, Edward Music at the Close
Leacock, Stephen My Remarkable Uncle
Watson, Sheila ✔The Double Hook
Dunlop, William Tiger Dunlop’s Upper Canada
Roy, Gabrielle Street of Riches
Leacock, Stephen Short Circuits
Richardson, John Wacousta
Laurence, Margaret The Stone Angel
Leacock, Stephen Further Foolishness
Davies, Robertson Marchbanks’ Almanack
Ross, Sinclair The Lamp at Noon and Other Stories
Roberts, Theodore Goodridge The Harbor Master
Traill, Catharine Parr The Canadian Settler’s Guide
Kirby, William The Golden Dog
Richler, Mordecai ✔The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz
Leacock, Stephen Behind the Beyond
De Mille, James A Strange Manuscript Found in a Copper Cylinder
Leacock, Stephen Last Leaves
Laurence, Margaret The Tomorrow-Tamer
Woodcock, George Odysseus Ever Returning
Grey, Francis William The Cure of St. Philippe
Cohen, Leonard The Favourite Game
Leacock, Stephen Winnowed Wisdom
Parker, Gilbert The Seats of the Mighty
Grove, Philip Frederick A Search for America
Kreisel, Henry The Betrayal
Blais Marie-Claire Mad Shadows
Richler, Mordecai The Incomparable Atuk
Moore, Brian The Luck of Ginger Coffey
Waddington, Miriam John Sutherland: Essays, Controversies and Poems
Wiebe, Rudy Henry Peace Shall Destroy Many
Davies, Robertson A Voice from the Attic
Aquin, Hubert Prochain Episode
Raddall, Thomas H. Roger Sudden
Evans, Hubert Mist on the River
Laurence, Margaret ✔The Fire-Dwellers
LePan, Douglas The Deserter
Lephrohon, rosanna Antoinette de Mirecourt
Leclerc, Felix Allegro
Gallant, Mavis The End of the World and Other Stories
Scott, Duncan Campbell In the Village of Viger and Other Stories
Atwood, Margaret ✔The Edible Woman
Grove, Philip Frederick In Search of Myself
Davies, Robertson Feast of Stephen
Laurence, Margaret ✔A Bird in the House
McCourt, Edward The Wooden Sword
Raddall, Thomas H. Pride’s Fancy
Buckler, Ernest Ox Bells and Fireflies
Ludwig, Jack Above Ground
Lowell, Robert Traill Spence New Priest in Conception Bay
Niven, Frederick The Flying Years
Dewdney, Selwyn Wind Without Rain
Blais Marie-Claire Tete Blanche
O’Hagan, Howard ✔Tay John
de Gaspe, Philippe Aubert Canadians of Old (Trans. G.D. Roberts
MacMechan, Archibald Headwaters of Canadian Literature
Wiebe, Rudy Henry The Blue Mountains of China
Roy, Gabrielle The Hidden Mountain
Roberts, Charles G.D. The Heart of the Ancient Wood
Laurence, Margaret Jest of God
Lewis, Wyndham Self Condemned
Langevin, Andre Dust Over the City
Grove, Philip Frederick Our Daily Bread
Woodcock, George, ed. The Canadian Novel in the 20th Century
Salverson, Laura Goodman The Viking Heart
Birney, Earle Down the Long Table
Connor, Ralph Glengarry School Days
Lemelin, Roger The Plouffe Family
Roy, Gabrielle ✔Windflower
Cohen, Matt The Disinherited
Wiebe, Rudy Henry ✔The Temptations of Big Bear
Fraser, Sylvia ✔Pandora
Janes, Percy House of Hate
Blondl, Patricia A Candle to Light the Sun
Laurence, Margaret ✔This Side Jordan
Roberts, Theodore Goodridge The Red Feathers
Moore, Brian I Am Mary Dunne
Roy, Gabrielle The Road Past Altamont
Godbout, Jacques Knife on the Table
Thomas, Clara ✔The Manawaka World of Margaret Laurence
Grove, Philip Frederick Consider Her Ways
Raddall, Thomas H. His Majesty’s Yankees
Gerin-Lajoie, Antoine Jean Rivard
Galt, John Bogel Corbet
Richler, Mordecai A Choice of Enemies
Brown, E.K. Responses and Evaluations: Essays on Canada
MacPhail, Sir Andrew The Master’s Wife
Buckler, Ernest The Cruelest Month
Bodsworth, Fred The Atonement of Ashley Morden
Seton, Ernest Thompson Wild Animals I Have Known
Harlow, Robert Scann
Smith, A.J.M. On Poetry and Poets

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