My high-school copy with MM stamps stashed years later


I think this is going to be an amazing reading summer. Last year, my page-turning had its ups and downs, but this season looks like it will be book-soaked.

At first I was thinking Theme Reading, but then I took a look at my 2011 Reading Plans from January and I see that I was already thinking Theme Reading, so I think I’ll just give those themes some love over these summer months.*

Also, I tried this really neat, new thing in June, and I’d like to try it again this summer.

Curious? I bought two books and I read them. Well, to be specific, I bought a dozen books (which happens a lot) and then I read two of them** (which hardly ever happens…they usually just sit, whilst I read library books or shelf-sitters instead). So I might read more of those new additions. (Wouldn’t that be novel?)

What else could I read? Well, I could celebrate Erin’s Margaret Mitchell month

Gone With the Wind was one of my favourite books for years. I first read it when I was in high-school and freshly in love with the film. Our love affair faded during my university years when I came to understand more of the context of the climate in which the film was produced. But I still have fond memories of reading the novel in a too-hot car, while my mom was doing errands.***

I don’t think I’ll re-read this right now, but I’m tempted: how ‘bout you?

Other temptations?

There’s Canlit Challenge 5, which is set to launch July 1 at The Book Mine Set
While you’re there, check out John’s Under the Midnight Sun Readathon

And, if you’re not sure what Canadian works you might enjoy, you can browse the snazzy new site at Canadian Bookshelf to make yourself a red ‘n’ white reading list.

If you are looking for something between 24-hours and 12-months, perhaps a month-long event would be the perfect bookish compromise.

Try Paris in July, hosted by Karen at Book Bath and Tamara at Thyme for Tea

Or Orange July, hosted by Jill at The Magic Lasso

Perhaps Frances’ The Art of the Novella Challenge

I find all of these terrifically tempting. And, right now, stacks of books are surrounding the laptop, clamouring for my attention. But how to decide?

How are you deciding what you will read this summer?

* I’ve been neglecting non-fiction choices and re-reads. Must read and re-read more.
::looks sternly at Louise Penny novels that have been distracting me::
** Wondering which ones I bought AND read immediately? Anita Rau Badami’s Tamarind Mem (1996) and John Steffler’s The Afterlife of George Cartwright (1992) … more about them in a couple days.

*** Everyone loved Scarlet’s waist! Kamini’s and Roopa’s mother allows them to play, as girls in Tamarind Mem, with silver tins stained with turmeric and vermilion, akshathey and sandal paste from their mother’s wedding, while she makes a circle with her fingers and says “My waist was as tiny as this, not one chance that Scarlett O’Hara had next to my waist!”