Writers in Novels: Eleanor Dark’s The Little Company (1945) #AWW


It’s a time of “political and intellectual crisis” in The Little Company. Sound familiar? Drusilla Modjeska’s introduction situates readers in Dark’s depiction of ordinary life in Sydney and Katoomba, in this time of “recession, nuclear threat and more failed expectations” in Australia. The Little Company is Dark’s seventh novel,

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Margaret Atwood Reading Month, Wrap-Up Post #MARM 2020


In this November 2020, the third Margaret Atwood Reading Month unfolded with participants from many places, some reading her for the first time, many returning to her work to try new and backlisted works, others exploring other #MARM content online (interviews, films, TV, etc.). In the National Geographic atlas,

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#MARM Week Four Update


Honestly, it was Naomi’s idea to play Bingo this year and, sure, I thought it’d be fun but it turns out that I love the sense of momentum that comes from checking off squares as a I work towards a goal. (Household Chore bingo? Fitness bingo? Anyone? Me! Me!

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Francesca Ekwuyasi’s Butter Honey Pig Bread (2020)


Taiye and Kahinde are twin sisters, daughters of Kambirinachi: Butter Honey Pig Bread alternates between their perspectives, each woman narrating their contemporary experiences through the lens of key events in their pasts. The sister’s mother is Yoruba and their father is Igbo, something they often have to explain when

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Margaret Atwood Reading Month #MARM BINGO


With Margaret Atwood Reading Month just a few days away, we thought we’d share our BINGO card.  It’s just for fun. And maybe it’s just for our own amusement…because there are a lot of literary events and challenges in November! But if you want to play along, please do.  If

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