I’ve updated my May reads to the 2010 Books Read List and am now looking forward to June’s reads. I’m especially keen on starting into some classic reads when school gets out. Yup, at the end of June, classes for little ones finish and I get thinking about summer reading lists.

What I liked about May’s reading:

* Squeezing in a Virago and a Persephone (actually 5, In Wartime), a literary biography, a magazine, a short story AND keeping up the poetry habit inspired by National Poetry Month in April: I like feeling like I’ve sampled everything on the platter and these categories keep my reading diet varied.

* Sustaining the Monday and Thursday installments of Reading in Print, continuing the Saturday habit of kidlit/YA, and starting into Bookish reads for Fridays which will last through July.

* Finishing 2 challenges, reading towards 7 others, starting 2 new ones, and only ignoring 4.
(Hmmm, somehow that seemed more positive when it was just a thought in my head.)

What I liked less about May’s reading:

* I should have set some other reading challenges aside so that I could focus more on the Orange Prize Mondays and Thursdays. If my reading stress level had been tinted, it’d’ve been neon, whereas I’d rather it’d’ve been tangerine.

Library usage: low-to-moderate, currently only 11 borrowed books stacked near the bed (yes, that’s moderate).

Book-buying: medium-to-heavy. (Well you had to know that the library was getting a break for a reason.)

Favourite spam comment for May that I was really close to approving just cuz I liked it: Do you like turtles?

How about you? How was your Reading May?