Normally I make a point of reading short stories, even if just in the mags that I follow, but I haven’t read a single one in February.

Was I just that distracted by Elizabeth Smart and Ethel Wilson?

Did I forget how much I enjoyed that Jennifer Egan story in the New Yorker last month?

I eyed collections on hand (newish ones by Nell Freudenberger, Jane Gardam, Elizabeth Taylor have been clamoring for attention) and I even bought some (a Gabrielle Roy — a nice little first edition from M&S too — Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and one of my favourites, Sherman Alexie’s Ten Little Indians ).

But I completely missed the bookish boat when it came to reading them.

But looking over at March’s stack, I don’t see a single volume of short stories there either.

Should I have joined a short story challenge to ensure I made time for them amongst other reading?! That’s ridiculous. <shakes head>

Anyone read any positively irresistible short stories lately? Something guaranteed to knock my attention away from all these delicious novels and memoirs?