I am a moody reader. That’s why I usually have a dozen books on-the-go.

Crozier Wrong CatThe book-I-can-hardly-stop-reading on one day might become the-most-neglected-in-the-stack on the next day.

This summer has brought a super-satisfying variety of books onto my stacks.

All week, I’ve been chatting about some of the stand-out titles I’ve been reading.

(The links are to the posts earlier this week which focussed on these titles.)

Perhaps you are in the mood for…

Wallow in the privilege in the first two volumes of Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians trilogy

Historical fiction?
Find a mystery in the mirror: Susanna Kearsley’s A Desperate Fortune

Get in touch with your inner-literary feline: Lorna Crozier’s The Wrong Cat

Short stories?
Take in the three-ring action in Rhonda Douglas’ Welcome to the Circus

Write a love letter inspired by Where the Nights are Twice as Long and put an Alice Munro stamp on it

Remember the works and words of Maya Angelou, via Tavis Smiley’s My Journey with Maya

Tour Halifax during the years surrounding the explosion in Genevieve Graham’s Tides of Honour

Family Saga?
Cross the veil with the Alter family in Judith Claire Mitchell’s A Reunion of Ghosts

Sharpen your pencil with Sharon Jennings’ Connecting Dots

Hwang Sokyong Princess BariMyth?
Undertake a mythic quest with Hwang Sok-yong’s Princess Bari

Accompany Lawrence Nolan on his journey to be a concert pianist in 193os Montreal in Susan Doherty Hannaford’s A Secret Music

Turn the pages of John Colapinto’s Undone

Solve crime with Mark Tataglia: Elena Forbes’ fourth volume, Jigsaw Man

Saddle up in outlaw territory in Clifford Jackson’s The Winter Family

On-the-high-seas Adventure?
Plunder Robert Hough’s The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan

Off-the-land Adventure?
Gather nuts and berries with Claire Fuller’s Our Endless Numbered Days

Revisit your inner-Margaret (or Sally, Sheila, Winnie, Jill): Judy Blume’s new novel for adults, In the Unlkely Event

Join The Program: Suzanne Young’s series is surprisingly addictive

Cast your line in the waters of Chigozie Obioma’s The Fishermen

And…now for the 20th title….you tell me! Whether it’s best on a sunny-weather day or a stormy-weather day.