Winter 2020: In My Reading Log (Part Two)


While I put the finishing touches on the pie-charts and calculations from 2020’s reading log, there are just a couple other books to talk about that I read (mostly) over the holiday break. Ruth Gilligan’s The Butchers’ Blessing (2020) is praised by two writers who snag my attention: Colum

Winter 2020: In My Reading Log (Part Two)2021-01-06T15:14:40-05:00

Erin Brockovich’s Superman’s Not Coming (2020) #ReadtheChange


This isn’t a book I planned to read. From my perspective, Brockovich’s activism is more relevant to American readers and I’d be better off reading Maude Barlow’s Whose Water Is It Anyway? (2019). In some respects, this is true. Brockovich does present some detailed information and updates about water

Erin Brockovich’s Superman’s Not Coming (2020) #ReadtheChange2020-11-27T16:14:32-05:00

Laura Trethewey’s The Imperilled Ocean: Human Stories from a Changing Sea #ReadtheChange


Nobody needs to convince you that the ocean is vast. But relevant? Readers who share Trethewey’s belief that “the ocean’s story is also our own” will be more likely to pick up this volume. Many of us understand her launching spot: “The watery surface is a place of transit

Laura Trethewey’s The Imperilled Ocean: Human Stories from a Changing Sea #ReadtheChange2020-10-14T09:38:42-05:00

Lisa Moore’s Flannery (2016)


Lisa Moore builds folks from the ink up: she is standout at characterization. Groundwood Books, 2016 One of the elements that makes her characters so convincing is the echo effect, the reverberations off seemingly extraneous details (in images, in descriptions, in settings) to construct multi-faceted individuals. Readers who have

Lisa Moore’s Flannery (2016)2020-07-29T09:30:35-05:00

A Fainter Footprint in Fiction


Sarah Ellis' Outside In is her seventeenth novel for young readers, and readers who discover her through this unusual work will undoubtedly be keen to investigate her backlist. Groundwood Books, 2014 The cover captures the hint of mystery which lurks beneath the story, for Lynn encounters Blossom and

A Fainter Footprint in Fiction2015-02-04T13:49:43-05:00
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