January 2021: In My Notebook


This regular feature on BIP altered during the past year; my favourite on-the-move notebook sprouted a layer of dust because now that I’m consistently sitting at my desk, I often choose to key my notes directly rather than handwrite. For rereading, I still appreciate handwritten notes; that way, I’m

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Summer 2019, In My Notebook


This year I added another writer to my MRE list. In truth, he was one of the writers whose stories provoked that kind of MustReadEverything commitment early on, but I didn’t have a word for it yet. Authors who told the kind of stories that I wanted on my

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May 2019, In My Notebook


I reread Harriet the Spy and The Long Secret (which I didn’t properly appreciate as a young reader) in April, to write a pair of essays for the Literary Ladies site, hosted by Nava Atlas, author of (among other books) The Literary Ladies’ Guide to the Literary Life (2011).

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February 2019, In My Notebook


My reading in February has taken me from the U.S.S.R. to Japan, from Austria to Syria. My plan for reading in March has been all about Ireland and Wales. And because I love making lists, I’ve been making plans since January: searching the library catalogue, searching my shelves. (Springsteen fans

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Into September 2018, In My Notebook: The NitGrit of CanLit


I've worked in a bookstore twice in my life. Between those jobs, the Giller Prize burst onto the Canadian literary scene, in 1994. So when Bonnie Burnard's Casino and Other Stories and Eliza Clark's What You Need were shortlisted that first year, I was still fresh from the store, still returning weekly

Into September 2018, In My Notebook: The NitGrit of CanLit2019-04-26T17:01:04-05:00
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