August 2017, In My Notebook


As September comes closer, a big part of the reading-me shudders in panic. With the new catalogues and the tempting pitches, the prizelists and the festivals: how to fit in all-the-books. When one's reading plans back in January are still all needy and stuff. Oh, and some of those

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November 2016, In My Notebook (IFOA and near-year-end musings)


Back in the summer, I was planning my reading list for this year's International Festival of Authors in Toronto. It always seems like it will be possible to read all the books which are calling to me from the schedule of events and list of participants. And maybe it would be,

November 2016, In My Notebook (IFOA and near-year-end musings)2017-12-04T17:33:07-05:00

April 2016, In My Notebook


What series are you serious about these days? There are five volumes from five different series in my current stack: Angela Thirkell's The Demon in the House, Kelley Armstrong's Personal Demon, Sue Grafton's B is for Burglar, L. Frank Baum's Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz and Madeleine L'Engle's Many

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February 2016, In My Notebook


In the ninth grade we read Winston Rawlings' Where the Red Fern Grows. It didn't seem strange to read an animal story in school; I'd read the Thornton Burgess books and Allison Uttley tales growing up and this was just a longer version of Robert Lawson's stories. Some kids are still

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August 2014, In My Notebook


I’ve been reading so fiercely this summer, that my notebook was sadly neglected, in favour of backs of envelopes, sticky-notes, and receipts. It was actually back in June that I scribbled down this quote from Phyllis Theroux’s The Journal Keeper (2010), which I was inspired to pick up because I

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