What I thought I might read for Orange July

Both Buried-in-Print Girls have finished the nine books required for the local library’s summer bookclub.

The older Buried-in-Print Girl has discovered manga.

The younger Buried-in-Print Girl has discovered Boneville.

(And I discovered that cooling off in the library’s A/C daily wasn’t so bad after all.)

But neither of these new infatuations fit well with my hopes for reading for Orange July.

(Neither Jeff Smith nor manga are eligible, wouldn’tcha know.)

Nor has outdoor play in the grassy field next door encouraged my reading plans.

That’s included everything from badminton to scoop-ball (no, I’m not as sporty or co-ordinated as that might make me sound).

Nor has learning how to make a compass using a stick and two rocks.

But that might come in handy someday.

Especially as we have been exploring the trails and bike paths in the neighbourhood.

But I can’t read and bike simultaneously, so I haven’t done a smidge of reading for Paris in July.

What I thought I might read for Paris in July

(Well, that’s not true, I did read 9 pages, which I suppose classifies as a smidge. But a smidge isn’t worth posting about, is it.)

Likely I should have invested the time that I spent considering possible reads and snapping this shot in the backyard in actually reading instead.

But I have, thanks to summer workbooks, learned the French words for anthill and sea lion.

I’ve seen lots of the former on our trail trips, though none of the latter; I doubt either new acquisition would be very helpful were I actually in Paris to make use of my new vocabulary.

(And I now know that the word for doughnut in French is beignet. Someone likely knew that beignets would sell better at farmers’ markets. Said discovery is behind the pressing need to exercise daily as well.)

So daily exercise and eating right (well, except for the beignets) and outdoor play and summer activities.

It’s only left a little time to dabble in murder mysteries, graphic novels, and childhood favourites.

But I’m done with dabbling now. I’m wading in…

P.S. Does anyone know why Google Reader stops counting at 1000? ::sigh::