Oh, they’re wonderful. Library and college booksales.

NCL lovelies
(Sinclair Ross’ The Lamp at Noon and Other Stories; Robertson Davies’ Samuel Marchbanks’ Almanack; Ethel Wilson’s Swamp Angel…an old addiction)

John Wyndhams
(Day of the Triffids* and The Chrysalids: why don’t I already have these? Maybe because that BBC mini-series* in the ’80s scared the snot out of me.)

Chinua Achebes
(Arrow of God; No Longer at Ease: because Things Fall Apart isn’t enough)

Cyprian Ekwensi’s People of the City
(but how could I resist when they “match”: a new addiction?)

Wayson Choy’s  The Jade Peony
(because I loaned out my copy, which is fine, because this one is lovely)

Beverly Cleary’s Dear Mr. Henshaw
(because I have this thing about letters these days and I re-read all the Ramona books this summer)

Charlotte Smith’s The Old Manor House
(because I once read many of her works on microfiche and it was painful)

Penelope Fitzgeralds
(At Freddie’s and The Golden Child: she’s one of my MRE authors)

Timothy Taylor’s Stanley Park
(Canada Reads reading)

Maureen Jennings mysteries
(the first, Except the Dying, which I loved and the second, Under the Dragon’s Tail)

P.D. James’ Cover Her Face
(the first Dalgleish, which somehow I am missing, and I’ve a hankering to re-read those)

And, then, standing in the back row:

Bernard Assiniwi’s The Beothuk Saga (Trans. Wayne Grady)
(because I’m freshly hooked on such things)

Joe Fiorito’s Union Station
(more Toronto reading)

Laura Goodman Salverson’s Confessions of an Immigrant’s Daughter
(because it won the 1939 GG and I’ve this idea someday I’ll make a reading project of those too)

Rosamund Lehmann’s The Swan in the Evening
(she, too, is one of my MRE authors)

Stella Gibbons’ Here Be Dragons
(because I’ve never, ever even *seen* one of her books other than Cold Comfort Farm)

Gloria Naylor’s The Men of Brewster Place
(because I didn’t realize she’d written a companion to The Women of BP)

Kelley Armstrong’s No Humans Involved
(it’s the one after the one that I’m ready to read in the series and I like to have one in reserve)

Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
(and what exactly happened to my copy of this one?)

Charles deLint’s Dreams Underfoot
(because I keep trying to read this from the library and it keeps getting pulled away from me again and I can’t read any of the other Newford books I’ve collected until I read this one, right?)

Now. Please. Tell me that you would have done the same thing. Except maybe with different titles.

And then tell me which ones you’ve read or which ones you want to read.

::rubs palms in anticipation::