Snapped last weekend: Rouge Park

I’d’ve thought it more your style to sneak in.

I mean, it’s not like those leaves turn colour overnight: it happens on the sly, doesn’t it.

But nobody could’ve missed your arrival today.

Oh, sure, the sky was grey in the morning. There was even a skitter of rain.

But then the dullness turned to near-dark. And then you upped the ante.

I was drenched and chilled by the time I lugged home my bags of books from the Vic College Booksale.

Actually, I was so wet that, even though I peeled off my jeans and socks as soon as I stepped inside the door, my bare feet left a trail behind me as I brought my books into the living room and dried them off with a clean towel, and stacked them on the floor in front of the oscillating heater. (The books first, then my feet.)

But you are still my favourite season. (And the books have recovered nicely, only one of them with a soft ripple at its top edge, and that’s okay because I still love it.)

I’m writing you this letter partly just to say hello again. Because it’s been awhile.

And also because I’ve been thinking a lot this year about how important letters are.

I’m going to be spending some time with them on Fridays.

At least for as long as you’re in these parts. And maybe longer. If it gets to be a habit.

It’s another Friday Fugue. You probably didn’t notice the last one here.

That’s because it started in the spring and wrapped up right before you arrived last year. (It was centred around books about books and, so, Fridays were all about that, variations on a bookish theme.)

But I think you’ll like this one. All your pretty leaves will be turning colours, falling, and turning to mulch. And I’ll be reading letters.

Maybe I’ll even write you another one. Before you go, Dear Autumn.

PS Dear Reader. Please tell me about your favourite books of letters. Or your own favourite letters. Or your favourite books about people who love letters. Add to my Friday reading lists. Or, just write me a letter at the bottom of mine and tell me what the weather’s like in your parts these days. Please, do!