You may have noticed that my bookishness has a new sense of sprawl to it. I’ve added links so that you can find me on Twitter, GoodReads, LibraryThing, and BookFace (er, Facebook, but I wanted to emphasize the important part). Please connect: I never tire of bookchat.

But speaking of sprawl. It may be that I’m spreading my bookishness a bit too thin.

I’m having trouble with my TBR stacks. There are so many of them now that I have a current TBR stack that travels with me from room-to-room when I change reading camps.

And my library borrowings are running wild. Once confined to a wooden crate turned backwards so that the chaos within was unseen, now they surround and cover (as well as fill) the crate.

Then there is the matter of the stacks of new books (it’s college booksale season in this city). They’ve taken over the coffee table, which we never use for coffee anymore. (Well, we never did, really, but, still, it feels wrong.)

My mid-year checkins for theme-reading and challenge-reading were pretty detailed, and they haven’t changed all that much, so I’ll recap more succinctly.

Short stories 8/12 (added 1, since mid-year)
My Must Read Everything Authors 8/12 (added 1)
Re-reads 5/12 (added 3)
Series Read Towards Finishing 10/12 (added 3)
Non-fiction 6/12 (added 4)
Aging (Memory) 3/6 (same)
Gender and Conformity (Intersexuality) 3/6 (same)
Nature/Wildlife 0/6 (same)
Toronto 9/6 (added 6)

Challenge Reading
5th Canadian Book Challenge 32/13 (added lots)
Foodie’s Reading Challenge 2/12 (same)
LGBTQ Reading Challenge 12/15 (added 5)
Heroine’s Bookshelf Challenge 2/5 (same)
POC Reading Challenge 22/25  (added 10)

New Projects
(I know: there shouldn’t be a section for this. All of the above suggests that I should remember how much I loved the old projects and reinvigorate those obsessions. But here it is.)

Giller Prize Reading Project 7/17
ReLit Award Sampling Project   9/26

And I should add this to the Reading Challenge portion of this page, but I wanted to emphasize that it is adding something new to my reading stacks:

The 3rd Maud Hart Lovelace Reading Challenge.

It runs throughout October and I’m planning to read the 3rd and 4th in the Betsy-Tacy series. (I read the 1st and 2nd last year: here’s my challenge page for 2010.)

Old Projects
(I”ve read towards all of them — though sometimes only one book, it’s true — except for one.)

Favourite Book of September?
Suzette Mayr’s Monoceros (2011)

Most Anticipated Read of October?

Alissa York’s Fauna (2010)

How are you feeling about 2011’s reading so far?
What did you love about September, what do you hope to love about October?