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Margaret Peterson Haddix’s Running out of Time
(1995) Aladdin – Simon&Schuster, 1997

The Hunger Games
“Little House on the Prairie”

The Giver
“The Truman Show”

Yup, if I’d met Jessie Keyser in the pages of Running Out of Time when I was a kid, I’d have re-read it a dozen times.

And it’s a thriller, so that’s about all I can say because I don’t want to give any of the story away. |

Nope, it’s not the best-written novel ever — maybe she’s the Lois Duncan of her day — but it’s a great read. I just kept reading until it was done.

PS I chose this because it sounded creepy (perfect for October and RIP V!) …
and it was recommended in Shireen Dodson’s Books for Girls to Grow On,
which hasn’t yet steered me wrong.

Have you read this author before? Do you think this was a good place to start?
Have you checked out Shireen Dodson’s list yet?