8am: Started reading Pippi Longstocking, my first Read-A-Thon read.

8:15: Taking break (hoping this isn’t indicative of day’s attention span).

This is my first Read-A-Thon. The wee BIPs are not home for the weekend (but I’m sure they’ll want to participate in the next R-A-T). We’ll be taking notes, mentally planning for the next event as we learn our way through this one.

For now, we are Read-A-Thon novices. So this morning found me snapping a shot of our Read-A-Thon stacks on the porch, when we are usually still snoozing, arguing with the flash setting (which is why this shot is shaky, snapped on manual given the early-barely-sun-up natural lighting) while Mr. BIP was already cheering and making…

Read-A-Thon Snack One:
Peach jam on many-grained-but-still-tasty toast
Cheerleader’s Coffee / Vanilla Cream Reader’s Tea

And I know that a Read-a-Thon is supposed to be fun (as well as tasty), right?! But if I can finish some of the books I have lined up for Challenges, that’s an added bonus. So my reading siege will include a small handful of classics, beginning with Pippi Longstocking, classics that I somehow missed out on, that will count towards my reading for the 1% Well-Read Challenge.

And we’re also planning to watch a movie (or maybe two, for a break), which will count towards Peril on the Screen for the RIP V Challenge and also the Watch the Book See the Movie Challenge.

(Not that that will do much for resting our eyes, but it’s a break that will still be somewhat bookish, as our choices will be based on books.

Although Mr. BIP’s mainly focussing on cheerleading and R-A-T snacks, he’ll be doing a bit of reading later on, too, though he is not so much BuriedInPrint as LightlyGlazedWithPrint.

But, ironically, his stack of potential reads, all graphic novels, dwarfs mine in the photo because I’ve only included my “sure reads”. The stack in the back is for Purring in Print but although I have been very enthusiastic in choosing her several feline health volumes, she seems strangely disinterested. She is watching television at the window right now. ::insert muttering about the younger generation::

Which reminds me, I’m supposed to be reading! Thank you to the organizers and supporters and to Dewey, the original inspiration. Happy Read-A-Thon-ing all!