Mini Update Sticky Post: September 13, 2019


I’ve finished Chava Rosenfarb’s short stories, Survivors, in translation by Goldie Morgenthaler, which were absolutely wondering. And am just beginning the freshly translated collection by Catalan writer, Jordi Puntí, This Is Not America, in translation by Julie Wark.

Off my own shelves, I’m still reading Jon McGregor’s Even the Dogs and Charles Palliser’s The Quincunx. Because I’ve been doing such a fine job of overlooking my own books, while obsessing about library duedates and prizelists. (But these two Iris Murdochs, to the right, will help.)

Because, yes, it’s CanLit-prizelist season. So I’ve got a fine reason to read Michael Crummey’s The Innocents (he’s one of my MRE – MustReadEverything – authors anyhow), Alix Ohlin’s Dual Citizens (I loved her short stories and Inside), and of course you already know how much I loved Ian Williams’ Reproduction.

This summer, I was also reading a bunch of books that my late friend Barbara recommended to me over the years, which I wrote about in a series of letters, linked to this post.

So many books to talk about! Including what’s currently in my bookbag, notebook, stacks and reading log.

Also, I’m still reading Mavis Gallant, one story at a time. (Next up: October, In Transit.)

How about you: what are you reading these days, and what are you looking forward to reading soon?

(First time here? Please don’t be shy: there’s no such thing as too much bookchat! Please leave a comment, say hello, talk books!)